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There are two sizes of canvas available for your Pet Portrait - 16" x 12" (approx. 41cm x 31cm) and 14" x 10" (approx. 36cm x 26cm).

I paint the Pet Portraits using acrylics onto the canvas and usually show the head and shoulders of your pet.  It is better to have a neutral background in order to show the pet off to advantage and unless you have specific requirements about this, I would usually choose a background colour that best suits the colouring of your pet.

You also have the choice as to whether you would prefer your finished Pet Portrait framed or unframed.  If you choose the narrow white wood frame, there is a slight extra charge. Be sure to let me know which you would prefer, when sending your order.

You can write to me by letter mail or email to discuss any special requirements you have and if there is anything specific you would like included in the Pet Portrait.

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The prices are as follows:

Size  16" x 12"  (approx. 41cm x 31cm)                                                  150.00 GB POUNDS

Size  14" x 10"  (approx. 36cm x 26cm)                                                  130.00 GB POUNDS


With a frame attached:  

Please add the following amount for either size     20.00 GB POUNDS

A deposit of 50.00 GB POUNDS is required with all orders and the remainder upon completion of the Pet Portrait.

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For orders in the UK  Postage and Packing is free.  Unfortunately for those overseas, because of the high cost of shipping and handling and insurance, we have to ask you to add 20.00 GB POUNDS towards this cost.

All paintings are sent by Special Delivery and for those overseas by Air Mail (unless you specifically request Surface Mail, which is much cheaper, but approximately takes over 50 days to arrive!



© Lucy Sinclair 2004